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A selection of extracts and complete letters received from customers expressing satisfaction with the VSR process.

Bridgeport Machine Tools Ltd ‘This (VCM90) is truly a remarkable piece of equipment – invaluable.’  (Castings and Fabrications)
Dean, Smith & Grace, Monarch Group. - Precision Machine Tools. ‘Completely eliminated any stability problems….including critical items such as headstocks, carriages, slides etc.’  ‘Dramatic effect…after six months using VSR we were able to abandon the thermal stress relieving of all castings which saved approximately £30,000 per year’
Hewson & Turrell Ltd. - Manufacture and repair of fans. ‘Introducing VSR to our refurbishment procedure has been a very cost affective success and increased customer satisfaction.’   
Metal Box Eng.Ltd. - Can manufacturing machinery. ‘Your willingness to do this at any time and the efficient way you carry out the work, helps us to achieve our deliveries.’   
Zed Instruments Ltd. - Laser Engraving machines. ‘Your unit was used to conduct frequency response tests in the range 0-200Hz on our first few machine bases and from the information gained, stiffer and more cost effective bases evolved.’ ‘VSR precludes the problems generally associated with thermal stress relief such as wasted time, transport costs, furnace capacity and cost, scaling and warpage.’   
Hunt Moscrop Ltd. ( Voith Sulzer Papertech ) - Paper and printing machinery. ‘….medium fabrications requiring absolute stability…We are well pleased’   
Simon-Pamac Ltd. - Paper making machinery. ‘Simple and effective on critical components…no transport cost…no delays.’   
Bombardier/Short Bros. - Aerojigs and fixtures. ‘Used for 6 years on internal tooling - cheaper than TSR and is done within the firm.’   
Helio Mirror ( USH Group ) - Military equipment. ‘No problems in 8 years of usage, aids workflow - used on EN and armoured steels.’   
Kratos Analytical Instruments. ‘Problems using Thermal Stress Relieving - continued distortion after final machining. Vibro Stress Relieving prevents this distortion.’ ‘Component: ESA box in M.S. CLA1A material (a 680 x 300 x 200 investment casting ) for a mass spectrometer. Supreme accuracy and stability required.’   
Pegsons Ltd. Mining and quarrying equipment. ‘Quicker and cheaper ( than Thermal Stress Relieving )’   
McEvoy-Willis, Northsea Cameron Iron Group. ‘For a number of years our company has been using, with great success, the facilities offered by Vibratory Stress Relieving. The Majority of work has been carried out on large fabrications and has been very effective compared to the traditional methods of stress relieving. We would recommend your services and effectiveness of stress relieving on any type of mild steel.’   
Dansk Teknologisk Institut -Taaststrup ( D ). ‘I find the results very promising giving in general a clear indication that vibratory stress relief does affect the dimensional stability in connection to machining.’   
Deloro Stellite Ltd.  M/S /Stellite Blades. ‘For many Years we suffered with problems of stability because the knife had to be ground to extremely high standards of straightness and flatness. Despite repeated thermal stress relief, stability was always a problem and it was not until a few years ago, when we were introduced vibratory stress relieving, that the problem was finally solved in a completely satisfactory manner.’   
Fairey Eng. Ltd. - General Engineers. ‘after a somewhat sceptical approach to VSR, confidence in this technique increased with each subsequent application.’   
Vickerys Ltd. - Papermaking Machinery. ‘Our long fabrications appear to be 5-8% more rigid compared to previously heat treated fabrications…. Typical fabrications 6m x 300 x 300 MS/SS .’   
BAe Hawker Siddeley Ltd., - Aero jigs and fixtures. ‘A large amount of work as been undertaken on fabricated jigs (made from commercial steels)….We have been very satisfied with the results and have dimensionally stabilised the jigs such that no complaints have been received.’
W.D.S Standard Parts - Precision Engineering Parts. ‘The results of eight tests conducted proved the reliability of claims that VSR achieves at least the same if not better results than the furnace method and the product stays clean. The advantage of VSR over the furnace method is that it is in-house, cheaper to run, can be 'instantaneous' in use and can be used for 'one-offs' or batches. VSR equipment is deemed essential in order for us to supply stable steel and cast iron section products of guaranteed quality to our customers.’   
Inca Geometric - Machine Tools. ‘Since becoming users, we have had no cause yet to use any form of TSR…parts from a few pounds weight to fabrications up to 10 tons approx.’   
Rover Group - Jigs & Fixtures. ‘We have currently been using your equipment for 17 years on welded fabrications and large base plates, we find the benefits of carrying out this work in-house an efficient, time saving and cost cutting process.’   
Langley Alloys - Manufacturers of SS bar. ‘We are engaged in the manufacture and processing of exotic corrosion resistant alloys (copper based and duplex stainless steel). For over 10 years, where our designs specify the needs for such treatment, we have informed our suppliers of bar and forgings that vibratory is an acceptable alternative to thermal heat treatment and indeed the preferred method for duplex stainless steel components.’  
P K Engineering Ltd. ‘As a precision sub-contract machine shop we are involved in the manufacture of a diverse range of complex components for instrument and food companies. During the past two years there are two projects in particular which proved to be very demanding in engineering terms where we have utilised VSR with complete success. The machining tolerances on this component are very demanding and it is essential we have a very stable fabrication (stainless steel) during and after machining. Although the tank geometry is unbalanced and thin wall sections are used to minimise weight there is no movement at all during or after the machine process and our customer has expressed complete satisfaction. We have also used VSR on rotary valves for food dispensing and as these have straight bores up to 500 m/m long with radial clearances  between rotor and valve body of 10 microns stability is critical during and after boring and honing to ensure a smooth running valve. Our  customer is delighted with the product and we as a result have secured more contracts from them. We now specify VSR as the preferred method wherever possible.’   
Magco Screens., (Babcock Group). ‘The use of Vibratory Stress Relieving does, contribute to the quality of manufacture in two ways. Firstly when manufacturers are aware that fabrications are being subjected to this process, more care is taken over the preparation and welding of these items, and secondly, the process of Vibratory Stress Relieving seeks out and finds any suspect welds or joints. Since using the process which we introduced some years ago, to the best of my knowledge, we have no premature failure of vibrating screen supports.’ Operations Director   
Weir Engineering Services. ‘We in Aberdeen use VSR to stress relieve shafts which when straightened by John McNabbs will not remain stable during assembly.’ ‘The usual procedure is to return the shafts for a second attempt at straightening before the decision is made to use VSR.’ ‘Any process that can salvage new components and reduce the companies re-work (Acro costs) should be fully investigated to evaluate its potential.’   
Svedala UK Ltd. ‘We have used VSR equipment for over ten years on screens and associated components to our complete satisfaction. We have treated Trellex & Skega components in the past and intend to continue using the process on Svedala equipment.’   
Albany International Ltd.  Paper making machinery. ‘A very important part of our production programme for our paper industry fabrications.’   
Adamson Butterley Ltd.  Cranes. ‘All our large fabrications which require machining have been treated successfully by this method…..your in-plant service suited our requirements admirably.’   
Westinghouse Ltd.  Pumps/compressors. ‘extremely satisfied….beneficial in the treatment of AL25 cast pump and compressor bodies. Before the treatment was carried out, castings proved very unstable and impossible to maintain close limit machining.’   
Courtaulds.  Textile machinery. ‘21 years experience, with the latest use being by our subcontract suppliers.’ ‘No problems encountered using VSR.’ ‘Avoids danger of incorrect thermal treatment of 304 and 316 Austenitic Stainless Steel fabrications, hence avoids associated reduction in corrosion resistance.’   
Francis Shaw Co Ltd. Rubber & Plastics Machinery. ‘Excellent service - a truly amazing piece of equipment – no problems encountered over eighteen years of unbroken service.’   
Powell Manufacturing Ltd.  Machine Tools. ‘Job does not leave our works, minimises machining down time – good, reliable service.’
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